A Preview of Last Vegas


Editor’s Note: Here’s another circa-late 2013 article that I wrote. This one’s about Last Vegas.

Director Todd Phillips’ Hangover franchise has spawned a wealth of imitators, copy-cats, and the like since the first installment hit theaters in June 2009. Phillips himself is guilty of this as the film has spawned two sequels, though a fourth seems highly unlikely. And those aforementioned imitators haven’t all been weakly constructed cash-grabs either. Bridesmaids is very much in the same vein of The Hangover, at least the first one, and it made for one of funniest films of 2011. This coming November, the world will see another set of buddies head to Las Vegas on the big screen, though this time it’s aimed at an entirely new demographic.

Where The Hangover was for males aged anywhere from 18 (or younger) to 35, the soon-coming Last Vegas looks to bring that anything-goes mayhem to the over-60 demographic. And to make sure that people are paying attention, CBS Films got four of Hollywood’s biggest names in that age group to star in the film. They are Michael Douglas (Billy), Robert De Niro (Paddy), Kevin Kline (Sam), and Morgan Freeman (Archie), all of whom play best friends headed to Sin City to throw Billy a bachelor party. It’s directed by Jon Turteltaub (While You Were Sleeping, National Treasure) while Dan Fogelman (Cars, The Guilt Trip) wrote the screenplay.

From what we can tell by the trailers released so far, the film kicks off with your typical let’s-get-everyone-to-Vegas series of scenes: Archie appears to be the oldest of them all and will probably have most of the age-specific gags (taking pills, sneaking out of a window, etc…); Paddy isn’t too keen on the trip because of something that happened between him and Billy; and Billy’s looking for one last get-away before his marriage.

Once they get to Vegas, the crew runs into scantily clad women (of course), gets into laughter-inducing arguments, and “parties like it’s 1959.” In other words, they’re looking to have the kind of fun they had as teenagers, which, yes, means flashbacks of them as kids. Paddy even socks a guy (Entourage‘s Jerry Ferrara) and they all wake up the next morning, post-party, groaning about how they haven’t had a hangover like that in 30 years. The guys probably would have been safer staying home with some drinks of their own, don’t ya think? OK, sure, the guys might not have gotten into the outrageous trouble that’s surely seen in the film if they stayed home, but they still could have fulfilled a portion of their trip to Vegas—and saved some money to boot.

Last Vegas is set to hit theaters Nov. 1 across the nation. It will be interesting to see where, stylistically and demographically speaking, The Hangover‘s apparently immense influence will head next. Let us know in the comments section if you’re interested in seeing this film and if you think the star power will be enough to carry a potentially tired formula.


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